mockup overview poorten-beer Het Brouwhuys with letterhead, business cards and coasters
image hoge brugge gate with line drawing
image lage brugge gate with line drawing
image lutteke gate with line drawing

Het Brouwhuys

Craft beer from Harderwijk.

Several Veluwe municipalities have had their own beer for some time, but the most famous of all, couldn’t offer the Harderwijk tourist a beer from their own city unfortunately. Het Poortenbier (Beer of gates) from foundation Het Brouwhuys is based on the 5 historic gates in Harderwijk. Gates through which centuries ago ingredients were supplied. On behalf of Merk Meester I was asked to give an identity to Het Brouwhuys with her Poortenbier.

logo, identity & webdesign

Ernst Admiraal
Marcel Schipper
Wessel Hees


mockup beer bottle with Het Brouwhuys logo and hoge brugge label
mockup beer bottle front and back with lage brugge label
mockup beer bottle with lutteke label and beer glass with poortenbier logo
mockup table tent poortenbier by Het Brouwhuys from Harderwijk

simple and appealing

I started researching the gates and typical Harderwijk shapes such as the crenellations. A simple line drawing of the gates proved to be an effective way of making the individual gate easily recognizable along with the Poorten-series it belongs to. The soft retro colors give the beers their individuality and placed within the tilted square, it will demand attention in a retail setting.
mockup coasters poortenbier Het Brouwhuys
image of website het brouwhuys from Harderwijk
mockup of bus with brouwhuys logo
photo of hoge brugge beer bottle, poortenbier glass and table tent inside a Harderwijk bar