De Parkschool


De Parkschool

smiling girl with De Parkschool logo on her shirt

fused together

After the merger of two local elementary schools, De Parkschool aims at providing the best opportunities for children to develop. The challenge was to create a logo that brings to life their mission and connecting it to the new name.
animation logo De Parkschool
aerial image of De Parkschool with logo

where children blossom

Inspired by the name and location of the school, the logomark shows the fusion of the lowercase d and p resulting in a twig with two leaves. A small piece of nature that serves as a metaphor for the growth and development of kids.
sketch of how the logo came about

school is exciting

Besides the fact that kids are full of energy, the merger of both school has caused a burst of energy in and of itself. The bold colours refer to this new impulse and shows that going to school is something to be excited about.
t-shirts in 3 different colors with De Parkschool logo on it
business cards in different colors with De Parkschool logo

playful learning

The basic subjects taught in elementary school like math and language, are visualised by letters and numbers and can be playfully interspersed into imagery, print and products to create a possible flexible brand asset.
asian girl against a wall with letters on it
animation of De Parkschool logo with changing background color