De Kris

The search for knowledge visualized.

logo, identity & website

Nederlandse Studiegroep De Kris


animation of main page on website Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris with Djangar princess

new impulse

Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris (Dutch study group De Kris) is a national association formed around the traditional - often Indonesian - weapon. The association was ready for a new look and a new group of members. They asked Breen to develop an identity and website that would keep a balance between the time of the past (tempo doeloe), but aimed at a young and modern audience to rejuvenate the association.
comparison between old and new logo Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris

the search for a complete picture

After attending a number of meetings, I started with refreshing the word mark and identity by combining the existing colors with warm and modern colors. The concept was based upon the characteristic of a study group; to gather and exchange knowledge, in order to get a complete picture of – in this case – the kris.
image of folding element by Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris with a kris, mount Batur in Bali, Balinese statue named Brahmana Raja
image of activities page on website Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris

X marks the spot

The association is largely but not exclusively about the weapon. The diversity of the association that highlights the cultural aspect of life in the former Dutch East Indies is reflected in the folding flaps of the image. It was important to communicate the feeling that there is always something new to discover within the association. The image serves as a metaphor for a journey of discovery of new information and insights.
image of folded element Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris with two Sulu warriors, wayang doll, Borneo
animation kris explanation page on mobile from Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris

providing a stage

All objects presented during a meeting are treated with great respect and appreciation. I tried to translate that relationship by placing a white frame around the design. As a result, it provides the content a stage like a list does for a painting or an old photo.
image contactpage on website Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris

steady growth

With the refreshed identity and website, De Kris now has the platform and tools to grow and expand its attraction for a larger and younger audience. I am pleased to report that the number of members has increased by 30% since the new website was set up.
photo of poster etnograph and Arts and crafts by Nederlandse studiegroep De Kris