teampage on website of CJW Events

CJW Events

Creating an awesome day.

logo, identity & website

Chris den Boon
Wencke Standhardt
Julian Veldman


three photo impressions with CJW Events logo

the triangle as a symbol

CJW consists of a close-knit team of young entrepreneurs who needed an identity for their newly established events agency. One that reflects their ambition. Because they’ve known each other from a young age, they would like to see the triangle reflected in their new logo as a symbol for their unity.
image showing process of making CJW Events logo

the approach

The events that CJW Events provides include company outings, festivals and weddings. This required an identity with two faces that can appeal to both the private market and the business market. Looking for a color that fits well with anthracite and one that increases it’s range, a vibrant and energetic color has been chosen. The logo consists of the abstracted letters C and J, together forming the W.
CJW Events logo animation with two different colors
mockup of access pass and mobile phone for CJW Events