About Breen

image of Jasper van de Ree, Studio Breen
Breen is a studio specialized in creating logo’s, identity systems and web design and is being run by Jasper van de Ree. My work is concept driven and I believe that every client has an important story that needs to be brought to life in it’s own unique way. By distilling the core of the story, you'll create clarity and future-proof communication. I believe that working with people instead of working for people makes long-term relationships possible and produces the best results.

How can I help you?


I will help you find what makes you unique. By communicating that distinctive ability, you’ll show in a powerful and clear way what you stand for and give people a reason to choose specifically for you. In the visual translation I’ll make sure the right feeling is attached and the right channels are being used, so that people like to work with you.

name branding, logo, identity, concept development, visual language development, communication strategy


A well-designed website will give you a more professional look and a higher conversion. In addition, a website that fits your story, is visually attractive and works on all devices, will give your business a much larger audience. Your new website will be custom-made, stand out among your competitors and be easy to find.

responsive webdesign, social media design, email newsletters, blog design

print and more

I will translate your vision into well thought-out and clear designs suitable for every medium whether it's print, posters or editorial design.

infographics, magazines & books, leaflets, posters, video editing


I am a graphic designer with a focus on identity systems, web design and infographics. I strive to make clear work in which functionality, structure and simplicity are at the core. If you have a project you think I might be good for, email me. I’d love to hear from you.